Tuesday, May 01, 2018
By alley kat photography
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The Kat's Meow Blog


Welcome to my new blog for my Beauty, Boudoir, Pinup, and Creative photography. You may not know....But I deiced to split my wedding and families away from my boudoir and pinup work. To tell the truth it looks better on blogs and face book and IG. The website will still link on together. you go to wedding website to my boudoir site with just click.


But I will have a new blog, a new fan page on FB and a new Ig account. That's way people who are looking at my weddings don't end up looking at boudoir with clicking on it.


Now that was the why, Now lets talk about the when. Well I will be finished with the new web site come June. I am also working getting  Brand Ambassador's for the The Kat's Meow. 


Now  let's talk about what is new, well Beauty and Creative are 2 new sessions I will start offering. But more about that later.....


Last but not least I am getting in products for the studio. While I will still give away digital files with every session. They will only be low res and logged. But perfect if you want to use them for social media. Any and Printing will have to come though me. High res photos may purchased as well for a fee.